At Express Family Care, we offer discounted cash prices for walk-in urgent care visits. Our hope is to provide convenient and professional care at affordable prices. We like to keep things simple.

Tier I – Basic – $159

A general visit with one of our providers that may require one of the following tests: flu test, urinalysis, pregnancy, strep, or mono.
(e.g. General illness, colds, ear infections, sinusitis, sore throats, rashes, and urinary tract infections.)

Tier II – Intermediate – $209

A more in-depth evaluation or treatment that involves: basic blood tests (i-Stat), EKG, X- Ray, nebulizer treatment, or injectable medication.

Tier III – Advanced – $299

A visit that requires a procedure or more in-depth testing.


DOT Physicals  $159
Sports Physicals  $35
College Physicals (without labs, vaccinations) – $159
School Physicals  $139

We do not do annual wellness exams.
We do not do Foster Parent physical exams.