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Express Family Care is deeply appreciative of your support over the past 6 years.
We opened for business in January 2014, and the support from Bonsack, Blue
Ridge, and the greater Roanoke Valley has been tremendous. We understand you
have a choice when it comes to healthcare and we appreciate you placing your
trust in our team to listen and provide medical care for you and your family.
Again, thank you!

Over the past 6 years, we have been able to keep our cash pricing the same year
after year; however, as with all businesses, our costs have risen over time. As a
result, after careful review of our costs and pricing structure, we find it necessary
to modestly increase our cash prices, effective January 1, 2020.

We strive for medical excellence, business transparency, and honesty with all of
our medical/billing/pricing operations, and we want you to feel free to ask us
questions not just about your medical care, but also your bill. Both are important
and we understand this. Please see below for our new cash pricing effective January 1, 2020.

Thank you for your continued support!

At Express Family Care, we offer discounted cash prices for walk-in urgent care visits. Our hope is to provide convenient and professional care at affordable prices. We like to keep things simple. We offer four tiers of visit to meet most needs of our urgent care patients.

Tier I – Basic – $129

A general visit with one of our providers that may require one of the following tests: urinalysis, pregnancy, strep, or mono.
(e.g. General illness, colds, ear infections, sinusitis, sore throats, rashes, and urinary tract infections.)

Tier II – Intermediate – $169

A more in-depth evaluation or treatment that involves: flu test, basic blood tests (i-Stat), EKG, X- Ray, nebulizer treatment, or injectable medication.
*Each additional test/treatment in this category will cost $40.
(e.g. Influenza (the flu), pneumonia, shortness-of-breath, asthma flare-ups, sprains, and migraine headaches.)

Tier III – Advanced – $209

A visit that requires a procedure or more in-depth testing.
(e.g. Minor lacerations, small abscess drainage, splinter removal, fish-hook removal, treatment of fractures.)

Tier IV – Complex – $259

A visit requiring more complex procedures or therapies like: complex laceration repair, complex abscess drainage, surgical removal of skin lesions, treatment of severe nosebleeds, IV fluids, IV medications, and joint injections.
(e.g. More severe lacerations, large/complex abscesses, uncontrolled nosebleeds, stomach viruses/food poisoning, dehydration, and heat exhaustion.)


DOT Physicals$129
Sports Physicals$25
Youth Camp Physicals – $25
College Physicals (without labs, vaccinations) – $129
School Physicals$129

We do not do annual wellness exams.
We do not do Foster Parent physical exams.